Midnight SMP

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The SMP was designed as a sunfish fly, but has proven effective for pretty much anything that swims! 

This version, the Midnight SMP, was originally designed to fish at night.  The dark silhouette stands out against the moonlight (or boat/dock lights) in the water, and features a few strands of "glow in the dark flashing" to attract more predator fish.  It is also tied larger (sizes 6, 8, and 10) in order to be more noticeable at night, providing a larger profile and the ability to move more water.

The Midnight SMP is currently available in limited quantities of three sizes (6, 8, and 10) and three color patterns (Midnight Black, Midnight Chartreuse, and Midnight Wine.) 

***Buy 5 of the same size/color pattern, and get the 6th FREE.***


-This fly is tied on a barbless hook for easier release and the health of the fish.

-This fly is hand tied, so slight variations to size and appearance can occur.