Improved Foxy Clouser

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The Jigged Foxy Clouser is a great fly on its own, but add some legs to "improve" it and this new Improved Foxy Clouser is a bass catching machine! 

The fox hair mimics the natural coloration of crawfish or small darter baitfish, and the added legs provide even more stimulating movement to draw more strikes from bass.  Make sure to add these Improved Foxy Clousers to your fly box today!!!

The Improved Foxy Clouser is tied on six 10, 8, and 6, "jig style" hooks, and can be fished bounced along the bottom, or retrieved faster stripped nearer the surface, and in two eye colors (chartreuse or red.)

***Buy 5 of the same size/color pattern, and get the 6th FREE.***


-This fly is hand tied, so slight variations to size and appearance can occur.