Deep Half & Half & Half (Baby Bass)

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Deep Half & Half & Half was developed to imitate baitfish deeper in the water column.  It was designed with fly fishing for big Largemouth Bass in mind, and is the perfect fly to throw when bass are in deeper water in the winter and/or summer months.  It is a great fly to fish for big predatory fish like big Largemouth Bass, Pike, Muskie, and Big Brown Trout.  The weight also makes it great to fish in rivers with strong currents.

The Deep Half & Half & Half is a full 4 inches long, full of feathers and fur.  Its color pattern is a Baby Bass color pattern, creating contrast and realism at the same time.  The combination of different feathers and bucktail creates unique and realistic movements on the retrieve. It is tied with extra large, heavy, dumbbell eyes to get the fly down quickly, and easy to fish fast.  The only thing is, you will probably want a pretty big stick (8wt or more) to fish it!

This is a one of kind fly, hand tied by Pat Kellner.