Dave's Hopper

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Dave's Hopper has been a classic and effective "hopper" staple in any summer and fall fly box.  It is a excellent grasshopper imitation.

Tied in both, yellow hopper and green hopper, colors patterns to both, stand out and mimic the natural grasshopper colors throughout the United States. This is a great fly to fish for trout, panfish, and bass, but has also been known to pick up other species of river fish like channel catfish.

Dave's Hopper from Flydrology, is tied in either size 6 or 14 hook to match slightly larger (that the Local River Hopper) sizes grasshoppers everywhere, and still be effective for a wide range of target species.

These are hand-tied products, so some variation is expected from fly to fly.

***Buy 5 of the same size/color pattern, and get the 6th FREE.***