Crawfish Fly Collection

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Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads, Mudbugs, or whatever you call them, they are effective for catching fish.  This collection of flies covers everything you need from crawfish pattern flies.  Perfect as a gift for seasoned fly anglers and those new to the sport. 

Each fly in this box was designed and selected to crawfish.  The favorite food of so many species of fish!  All species of black bass (largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, etc.), common carp, cichlids, sunfish and panfish, many species of trout, and even catfish.

The Crawfish Fly Collection includes:

That is 14 total flies, a more than $80 value in one great bundle, for one LOW PRICE!

It is an excellent choice to help fill your fly box, or as a gift for someone you know.


These are hand-tied products, so some variation is expected from fly to fly.