Bugger Bundle

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This is a selection of our favorite Wooly Bugger variants!  All are must-have flies in your box, no matter the freshwater species you are trying to catch.  Wooly Buggers, and their cousins, the Wooly Worm and the Bow River Bugger, catch fish anywhere you go.

Each fly in this box is a Wooly Bugger variation tied to target everything from Bass to Trout to all species of Sunfish.  Channel Catfish have even been landed on a Wooly Bugger from Flydrology.

The Bugger Bundle includes:

That is 14 total flies, a over a $65 value in one great bundle, for one LOW PRICE!

It is an excellent choice to help fill your fly box, or as a gift for someone you know.

These are hand-tied products, so some variation is expected from fly to fly.